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March 12th
Freshwater Aquaculture Introductory Presentations and Farm Tour
9:00 Business Planning Resources, Licensing and Permitting - Pete Anderson, NCDA&CS
9:30 Land and System Requirements - Steve Gabel, NCCE
10:00 Species Choices and Marketing - Mike Frinsko, NCCE
10:30 Open Question Period - Presenter Panel
11:00 Lunch on your own and travel to Aurora (~45 minute drive time)
1:00 Farm tour stop 1 - Regional Striped Bass research at NCSU/PAFL, Aurora, NC
2:30 Travel to White Rock Fish Farms (~45 minute drive time)
3:15 Farm tour stop 2 - White Rock Fish Farm, Hybrid Striped Bass, Wilmar, NC
5:00 Travel to New Bern Hotels (~30 minute drive time)
*2:00-7:00 Trade Show Setup at New Bern Riverfront Convention Center
7:00 Conference Sponsor Dinner (special invite only)
March 13th
NC Aquaculture Development Conference Presentations
8:00 Registration & Trade Show Opens (Break 1)... coffee and pastries in Trade Show Sponsor Area
8:30 Welcome from Chairman Michael Twiddy, SBTDC
8:35 NC Aquaculture Industry State Update (Harry Daniels- NCSU, Frank Lopez- NC Sea Grant, Ron Fish- NCDA)
9:30 National Aquaculture Association - Policy Updates: Paul Zajicek
10:00-10:20 BREAK 2 - Trade Show Open
10:20 University Freshwater Research Updates: NCSU Warm Water - Ben Reading
10:40 University Freshwater Research Updates: NCSU Cold Water - Jeff Hinshaw
11:00 University Mariculture Research Updates: NCSU MARC - Steven Hall
11:20 University Mariculture Research Updates: UNCW - Wade Watanabe
11:40 NCADC Announcements - Afternoon Agenda and NCAA Voting
11:45-12:30 BREAK 3 Lunch Set Up - Trade Show Open - NCAA Voting at Booth
12:30 Lunch and Keynote Presentation
1:00 Sustaining and Expanding the U.S. Aquaculture Industry:
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Dr. Lou D'Abramo
2:00-2:30 BREAK 4 - Trade Show Open
2:30-4:30 Afternoon Concurrent Sessions (all sessions upstairs)
  Mariculture Freshwater Aquaponics
2:30 NCSGA Business Meeting 2:30 NCAA Business Meeting 2:30 Facility Design and Management -
3:00 USDA-FSA WHIP and NAP -
Amy Coffey
2:50 NCFB Env. Policy Update -
Keith Larick
3:30 Hemp Rules and Regs - NCDA&CS
3:30 NC Sea Grant Update -
Frank Lopez

NCSU-NCAA Sampling Research -
Jeff Hinshaw

4:00 Marketing and Economics -
Jonathon van Senten
3:50 Shellfish Genetics and Disease -
Tal Ben-Horin
3:30 Association Grower Assistance -
Paul Zajicek
4:10 Shellfish Hatchery Update -
Ami Wilbur
3:50 Crawfish Opportunities -
Steve Gabel
4:10 Striped Bass Regional Update -
Ben Reading
4:30*-5:00 Overflow time for concurrent sessions -or- BREAK 5 - Trade Show Open
5:00 Trade Show Industry Mixer - featuring NC Oysters and NC Brewery samples... relax and network like never before!
6:00 NC Cultured Seafood Festival... an all you can eat feast of some of NC's finest aquacultured product!
March 14th
Mariculture Presentations (New Bern Convention Center) and Mariculture Tour (CCC)
8:30 Trade Show Opens (Break 1)
9:00 Intro to shellfish mariculture and industry status and trends - Jacob Boyd
9:20 Siting your operation, water quality matters - Shannon Jenkins
9:50 The leasing process - Michael Gravin
10:10 ShellCast - Natalie Nelson
10:30 Production options - Ketchum Trap
10:50 Distribution and marketing - Dave Forcinito
11:10-1:00 Travel and lunch on your own (45 min drive)
1:00-3:00 Carteret Community College Aquaculture Facility Tour - Dave Cerino

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