North Carolina Aquaculture Development Conference

2010 NC Aquaculture Development Conference Presentations
(with permission by presenter)


State, National, and International Overview
Dr. Tom Losordo, NC State University

Seafood Safety, Traceability, and Sustainability: Profitable Strategies for the New Economy
Nell Halse, Cooke Aquaculture

Getting from Point A to Point Z: Traceability is more than COOL!
Dr. Barbara Blakistone, National Fisheries Institute

Aquaculture Effluent Management and Treatment Technologies Update
Dr. Harry Daniels, NC State University

Evaluating Marketing Opportunities of Black Sea Bass
Dr. Chris Dumas, UNC-Wilmington

Developing Niche Markets
Sally Eason, Sunburst Trout

Pond Effluents
Dr. Harry Daniels, NCSU

Irrigation Systems
Dr. Garry Grabow, NCSU

Intensive Systems Effluent
Dennis DeLong and Dr. Tom Losordo, NCSU

The Potential of Wetlands for Marine Aquaculture Effluents
Todd Guerdat, NCSU

Aquaculture Economics and Permitting Aquaculture Facilities in NC
Matt Parker, NC Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Choosing Your Aquaculture Site: Land and Water Requirements
Steve Gabel, NCSU Cooperative Extension

Aquaculture in North Carolina: Species Selection and Production
Mike Frinsko, NCSU Cooperative Extension

Current Status of Shellfish Culture in NC
Dr. Marc Turano, NC Sea Grant

Oyster Culture at J & B Aquafood
Jim Swartzenberg, J & B Aquafood

Testing of Various Methods for Improving Oyster Culture
Jay Styron, Carolina Mariculture

Clam and Bay Scallop Culture at Hooper Family Seafood
Mark Hooper, Hooper Family Seafood