North Carolina Aquaculture Development Conference

Presentations from the 2009 NC Aquaculture Development Conference

State, National, and International Overview

Dr. Tom Losordo, Professor, NCSU

Aquaculture Effluent and the Environment
Dr. Craig Tucker, Research Professor, Mississippi State University,
Director,National Warm-water Aquaculture Center

Operating Aquaculture Ventures in the Current Economic Climate
Dr. Terry Hanson, Aquaculture Economist, Associate Professor,
Department of Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures, Auburn University

Can fish farms use on-farm biodiesel production?
Dr. Matt Veal, Assistant Professor, NCSU

Trends in Aquaculture Quality Assurance and Traceability,
Dr. David Green, Professor, NCSU

Potential issues for the NC aquaculture industry- a farmer’s perspective
Mr. Steve Locke- Castle Hayne Fisheries

Aquaculture Economics and Permitting Aquaculture Facilities in NC
Matt Parker, NCDA&CS

Choosing Your Aquaculture Site: Land and Water Requirements
Steve Gabel, NCSU Extension

Aeration: Which method is best for your farm?
Bob Robinson, Fisheries Biologist, Kasco Marine